• CCCITS When it comes to reliability, we are the one you need!

    We are IT Professionals with over 30 years experience in the field; let us handle your computers and network so you can focus on everything else!

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    Greetings and welcome to CCCITS. If you've navigated to our site, chances are you're looking for assistance with your computer or some aspect of its operation, and you're in luck. Not only are we highly experienced and professional PC repair technicians, but we're also a company that believes in providing excellent service for your computer needs without breaking the bank. Look no further for a PC Repair, Maintenance, and Video Surveillance Company in Hinesville, Georgia.

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  • Got Computer Problems? We Can Help!

    At CCCITS we provide the services to make your computing experience efficient you and your IT department can work on projects that increase your profit share. We can take care of all of the time-consuming tasks that keep your network functioning, freeing you up to take care of your business. Competency is one of our core values and we strive to keep your computers, network, and video surveillance systems up and running at all times!

    We Provide Worry-Free Computing!.

  • Daily Monitoring and Maintenance of Computers

  • We support tablets, displays, mobile, and surveillance devices.

  • We Offer World-Wide Support

  • Residential Services

    We offer pc setup, home theater setup, network and video surveillance installation for your home. We even offer home automation integration with voice!

  • Commercial Services

    Our small and medium-sized business clients use CCCITS as their full-time outsourced IT department. Your business can take advantage of our world class services too!

  • Industrial Services

    Trust CCCITS to be your office network administration partner.  We are masters of setting up small to corporate sized business networks.  We can get every device in your office talking to one another like old friends.

  • Lighting

    Your Ideas Matter

    We take pride in spending time and effort to see how your business works so we may take smart deliberate actions to make your business more efficient and increase your bottom liine.

  • Ceiling Fan

    Physical Maintenance & Cleaning

    Most of our South East Georgia clients enjoy that we actually come on location several times per year to inspect and perform physical maintenance on their machines. We provide the highest level of maintenance period.

  • Generator Set

    Backup Generators

    We provide on-site and cloud data backups as well as UPS systems for power backup as well.

  • Wiring

    Wiring Your Network

    No matter how many workstations, servers, appliances, or access points, we can handle your needs!

  • LED Bulb

    LED Lighting

    LED Smart Lighting is efficient, cost saving, and here. We would love to help you protect the earth and save a load of money!p>

  • Electric Insurance

    Insurance Claims

    We have an extensive knowledge of dealing with insurance claims! As far back as hurricanes Katrina & Rits to as current as hurricane Matthew and Super Storm Sandy we have helped hundreds of clients recover hundreds of thousands in insurance claims!

  • Why Choose Us

  • We are the Hinesville area computer repair destination. From minor inconveniences to major computing catastrophes, we do everything IT. With the top computer specialists in every aspect of your system, you can be sure your hardware and software solutions can be found here. We have been proudly serving Hinesville, Liberty County, and the surrounding area for years now, and look to continue on this trend of ensuring that everyone in the area has fast and effective computer service.

  • Earthing

    Safe & Secure

    With identity theft and cyber-crime on the rise, we have the tools to make your Environment safer.

  • 24x7 Support

    24x7 Support

    Our proprietary system works 24 hours a day to keep your data and your business secure.

  • Cost Saving

    Low Cost

    We may not always be the least expensive solution, no one will go as far to keep your systems and networks up an running than CCCITS!.

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    PO Box 1922, Hinesville GA 31310 USA

    300 W Court St, Hinesville GA 31313 USA

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    +1 912-226-2290

  • CCCITS is your universal location for all things computer related. Whether software, hardware, or on-line, our technicians are standing by every day to take care of your IT needs.  Throughout our years serving the Hinesville area, we have followed the trends of computing to stay one step ahead at all times.   We give our customers the most up to date and current services possible.

                If you find yourself in need of any service computer related, we invite you to call into our office at any time.

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